Jeep Grand Cherokee

It has been announced today that Jeep are keen to continue the legacy that is the Jeep Grand Cherokee and they are making a statement of intent with details of a new version which brandishes the SRT tag and will be known as the Red Vapor Limited Edition.

This has been made specifically to compete in the sports performance sub-SUV category within the 4WD sector, and will feature a 6.4-litre V8 engine! This car is an absolute beast, but it is far from sluggish and thanks to its massive V8 engine it is capable of 160mph and 0-62mph takes just five seconds. The interior is stunning, the gear stick and steering wheel are covered in high end leather which complements the surrounding Black Laguna Leather and Radar Red suede seats complete with red stitching.

The dashboard plays host to a touchscreen display, which uses voice recognition technology and 3D navigation, you can also control your phone through the screen which syncs via bluetooth. When you do put that phone on through your bluetooth, be prepared as you get three subwoofers as standard… THREE! Not to mention the 19 speakers around the vehicle fed by a 825-watt Harman-Kardon audio system.

You also get cross-path detection, adaptive cruise control, blind spot monitoring, yada yada yada, stuff that you may actually need to use because you’re too busy having your mind blown by the sound of those 3 subwoofers, trying to find Dead Prez ‘Hip Hop’ so you can intimidate a Smart City Coupe off the road and let the whole block know that you’re a dick, but you don’t care because… 825-watt Harman-Kardon!